More people renting in Offaly while average age for buying a house rises again

Damian Moran


Damian Moran

Offaly Rent

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has published the first thematic report from Census 2016 and those figures reveal that the number of people in rental accommodation is on the rise, as is the average age at which home ownership overtakes renting.

In Offaly, 6,645 households were in rental accommodation in 2016, compared with 6,180 in 2011. The average rent paid to private landlords was €126.68, an increase on the 2011 figure which was €120.99. For the country overall, 22,323 more households were renting their accommodation compared to 2011, bringing the total renting
to 497,111. Since 2011 the national average weekly rent paid to private landlords grew to €199.92.

Home ownership overtakes renting in Offaly at the age of 34. Nationally, by the age of 35, more people own their own home than rent, compared with age 32 in 2011. Given that this age was 26 in 1991, this shows a clear long term trend.

The home ownership rate for Offaly was 73.2%, compared with 75.4% in 2011. The figures also show that there were 8,973 homes with a mortgage in Offaly.

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