New app will help Offaly jobseekers upskill and connect with employers

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


New app will help Offaly jobseekers upskill and connect with employers

Brendan Kavanagh (3rd from left) with ‘jobseekers’ (from left) Hannah Roche, Craig Kingston, and Adrian Pubert. Pic: Mark Stedman

Jobseekers in Offaly can now connect directly with employers that have jobs on offer thanks to a new app, HiUp, which was launched last week.

In addition to connecting jobseekers with employers directly, the HiUp app also allows them to identify any skills gaps they have and connect with training providers, either by taking training directly within the app or booking classroom-based training via the app.

According to HiUp, there are currently: 1,385 jobs available in catering and hospitality, 773 jobs available in property and construction and 433 jobs available in retail.  
 HiUp is the brainchild of serial internet entrepreneur, Brendan Kavanagh, who has founded several businesses over the course of his career and now employs 360 staff across nine offices in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the USA.

At the launch of HiUp last week, Kavanagh said: “Thousands of vacancies exist in Ireland across construction, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, retail, customer service and supply chain management.  

“At the same time, unemployment rates in some areas and for some sections of the population remain high.  In Offaly alone, over 6,000 people are unemployed.

“Available vacancies in Offaly - and throughout the country - are not being filled because the workforce can’t find them. Recruitment agencies often sit in the middle in this situation, and don’t help employers or jobseekers match with the opportunities. By using HiUp, jobseekers in Offaly can take back control of their careers.”

Kavanagh said his aim with HiUp is to kill off recruitment agencies.

The recruitment sector is worth €1.73 billion a year in Ireland.  According to Kavanagh, that money should be invested in training and qualifications for employees and jobseekers, rather than going to global recruitment giants.  

“I am calling on employers to stop wasting money on recruitment agencies and online job platforms; the technology they use is redundant,” he said.  “Recruitment is expensive.  Agencies take money from employers and sometimes from candidates too. Our technology cuts out the middleman and enables employers to match with a skilled, ready-to-go workforce.  

“With HiUp, if a candidate doesn’t have the exact skills or qualifications for the jobs on offer, we tell them what training they need.  We empower people to get a job today and skill up for tomorrow. Goodbye job hunting, hello job matching, all in an app where you can learn more to earn more.”

 In addition to jobseekers, Offaly training-providers and education institutions are being encouraged to download HiUp: providers can host their online and offline courses through the app, free of charge.  

HiUp is available to download for free from the Apple and Google Play Stores or by visiting