Government and IDA accused of 'ignoring this constituency'

'The people of this constituency are my only priority' - Foley

Government and IDA accused of 'ignoring this constituency'

Offaly and North Tipperary General Election Candidate Cllr John Foley stated this week that it was time the IDA and Government Departments stopped 'ignoring this constituency as a location for industry'.

By Damian Moran


Twitter: @offaly_express

“All we hear from Government parties since the election was called is 'Keep the recovery going',” commented Cllr Foley who is running as part of the Independent Allicance.

He asked, “What recovery? We in Offaly and North Tipperary have no inkling of any recovery. In my opinion small Constituencies like ours are being ignored as always.”

He said that the area had been let down by the IDA and political parties for far too long adding that it was time for an Independent voice, not serving anybody but the people of this constituency, to 'scream from the rooftops'.

“We should not be ignored any longer,” he remarked. “We have a very well educated and willing workforce, a fantastic road and internet infrastructure. All we need is a chance to prove that this area provides a wonderful opportunity for any national or multinational industry to locate. We will never get this chance to prove ourselves under the present system, there are too many votes to be had in Dublin, Cork and other cities throughout the country.”

Cllr Foley noted that serving the Party first and not the people who elected you is no longer an option.

He stated, “I will serve the people of this constituency, I will not be answerable to any Party whip. The only people I serve are the citizens of Offaly and North Tipperary. I will not be kept in line by any Party Headquarters or Party Spin Doctors or General Secretaries. The people of this constituency are my only priority. This is a time of great change, we need to change with the times. If we do not, we will be left behind yet again.”