Offaly Comhairle na nÓg to launch youth friendly Enterprise Magazine

On Thursday, October 24 at 12 noon in the Tullamore Court Hotel, Offaly Comhairle na nÓg (Youth Council) will launch their ‘Who wants to be an Entrepreneur’ magazine.

On Thursday, October 24 at 12 noon in the Tullamore Court Hotel, Offaly Comhairle na nÓg (Youth Council) will launch their ‘Who wants to be an Entrepreneur’ magazine.

On hearing about this youth led initiative by Offaly youths, MD of Glenisk and Secret Millionaire participant Vincent Cleary was delighted to come on board with the young people of Offaly to support them in their venture and will officially launch the magazine on the day.

Jessica Mahon a Comhairle na nÓg member explains where the idea for the Magazine came from.

“In October 2011 there was a huge concern in our Comhairle na nÓg regarding what job opportunities would be there for us when we are older. In response to this concern, we decided that the need to promote entrepreneurial thinking to all teenagers would be a good response to our worries about our future job options.”

The Comhairle group believes that by showing young people enterprise as a career option it will hopefully reduce stress and money worries as young people see there are other options for work by employing yourself.

On reviewing the magazine prior to the launch Vincent Cleary MD of Glenisk is delighted to see young people in Offaly doing something positive and proactive and moreover identifying a need in their lives to help other teenagers consider enterprise as a career choice.

Vincent added, “we, Entrepreneurs, I say that collectively and loosely as we come in all shapes, sizes, life stages, disciplines and non-disciplines but to be successful we have all one thing common and that is ‘we recognise the need’. It is critical in any project that Entrepreneurs identify a market for their product or service before significant funds are invested – there are tried and trusted ways to proof test new projects and suffice to say if an Entrepreneur’s new idea passes the proof-tests then it will more likely succeed.”

Vincent was quick to point out this one piece of advice to anyone starting a new business and that advice is to ‘stick-with-it’.

“Any new Project will take time to gather momentum and one needs to give the concept sufficient time to be recognised by others, particularly Customers. We all hear of the stories of Entrepreneurs giving up just before the idea took off – nobody wishes to be that unsung hero. Therefore, the oxygen for any new Project is time,” according to Vincent.

Self belief is a very strong theme running though the magazine which Mr. Cleary is delighted to see as entrepreneurs need to have self-belief in their product or service as entrepreneurs have one major advantage over big business, and that’s starting a new project from concept.

“An Executive from a $30Billion Multinational Corporation told me once that the problem with his Corporation (and others I suspect) was that they didn’t do Start-ups well as it was like another language that they didn’t understand. Hence, many large Multinational Corporations purchase fledgling Companies not because of their Turnover or Bottom Line/Profit but because of their potential and their potential new technologies.”

Offaly Comhairle na nÓg, hope that this magazine will spread that word to as many young people in Ireland as possible and increase their optimism, self belief and confidence to follow your ideas and realize from learning about others; that what seems impossible can be possible

Offaly Comhairle na nÓg is the youth Council for Offaly through Offaly County Council. For more information please contact or 057 93 57460