Croghan entrepreneur giving protection to sports stars

CROGHAN entrepreneur Anthony Foy is giving top sports stars from across the country a renewed sense of protection with a new range of protective sports gear.

CROGHAN entrepreneur Anthony Foy is giving top sports stars from across the country a renewed sense of protection with a new range of protective sports gear.

St Brigid’s clubman Anthony discovered Evoshield when he was on the verge of retiring from playing club football after a serious rib injury.

Among the stars now using the Evoshield technology are Offaly’s Niall McNamee and Shane Dooley while Kilkenny’s Eddie Brennan is also amongst the sports stars benefiting from the added protection the moulded guards offer.

Evoshield is a patented thin, lightweight composite material that custom forms and hardens to the body allowing individualised protection.

The product acts like a shell and boasts disepersion technology rather than absorbtion allowing an impact to disperse across all layers. A simple one time process will custom form protection.

It is widley used in all sports in America including high impact and high injury risk sports such as American Football and Ice Hockey.

Anthony discovered Evoshield following a serious rib injury while playing for St Brigid’s last year. It was the second time he suffered a serious injury to this part of his body.

“I suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs along with other injuries in a car accident a few years ago. It took me over a year to recover to a level where I could play again but I was always minding the injury as it was unprotected. “Last year I came out the wrong end of a clash playing a football match and had to be brought to hospital. X-rays showed I had broken ribs again. After months of bone scans and consultations with some of the top sports doctors in Ireland I was told my rib had healed wrong and there was a gap left in the bone.”

At that point Anthony thought his playing career was over.

“They considered operating but it was so close to the lung they advised against it. They suggested that I take some nerve pain injections and retire early from football. I went in search for a rib guard, all the rib guards out there are either too soft, too bulky or not supportive enough for my injury. That is where Evoshield came in. “The Evoshield rib guard system is a comfortable, slim, custom moulded rib protector that hardens like a splint to your body shape after fitting. Evoshield is now part of my gear bag as an injury protector but it is a pity that I can’t turn back time and wear it as an injury preventer. Take my advice if you or your kids are playing a contact sport make Evoshield a part of your gear bag.”

Anthony is responsible for bringing Evoshield to Ireland and Offaly football and hurling captains Niall McNamee and Shane Dooley both now use the product. McNamee says he is glad of the extra protection.

“I have had my fair share of knocks and bangs but the worst thing is when I was sickened with a belt in the ribs playing for Offaly last year. I now wear the Evoshield rib guards and I am more confident going up for a ball where my ribs are completely exposed. The best thing is its so light you wouldn’t even know you were wearing it.”

Offaly hurler James Rigney was recently fitted with a fore arm protector after badly breaking his arm in the Division 1 league opener against Cork. James wasn’t due to return to playing or training due his injury but thanks to Evoshield he returned for his club Kinnity last Sunday and has returned to Offaly training.

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Anthony Foy presenting the Evoshield rib guards to Offaly football captain Niall McNamee

Shane Dooley wearing his new evoshield wrist guards