Massive blow to Edenderry as Foley ceases trading

EDENDERRY suffered a major jobs blow as local business man John Foley closed the doors of Accelerated Drain Cleaning after almost 20 years trading in the town.

EDENDERRY suffered a major jobs blow as local business man John Foley closed the doors of Accelerated Drain Cleaning after almost 20 years trading in the town.

Mr Foley, Managing Director, announced the company ceased trading on Monday after he had to make the “heart wrenching decision” to place the company in voluntary liquidation.

The company was founded by Mr Foley and at one stage employed 60 people in the town.

Explaining his decision, the Independent councillor who unsuccessfuly contested the last two general elections - his first in 2007 on the Fianna Fail ticket alongside the country’s poll topper former Taoiseach Brian Cowen, laid blame with the burst in the property and construction bubble over 18 months ago as it ‘created a domino effect’.

“When companies involved in this sector began to find themselves in financial distress, we were one of the many companies, who were owed considerable amounts of money and as a result of this, we found that it was unsustainable to continue to trade.”

Thanking all his employees, Mr Foley pointed out that the decision to close was particularly difficult due to the fact that all of them have been ‘extremely loyal and hard working’ and had left no stone unturned in their efforts to make the company the hugely successful company that it was over the last 20 years.

The business man stressed that “every possible avenue” was explored over the last three weeks in an attempt to keep the jobs safe and keep the company alive.

“I regret that despite my best efforts the decision to enter voluntary liquidation became a necessity,” he added.

It had been due the company’s previous success that allowed the business man to provide sponsorship to a large amount of clubs and organisation throughout Offaly and he expressed his thanks to those for allowing him the honour of having his name associated with their “magnificent efforts” to make the area a better place for young and old.

Meanwhile, the former general election candidate will continue in his role as both an Edenderry Town councillor and an Offaly County councillor and has vowed that his political efforts on behalf of the people of north Offaly will not change because of his “business set back”.

“I have always fought tooth and nail for the people of this town and county at a political level and will continue to do so for as long as the people wish me too.”

Mr Foley also re-iterated his intentions to rebuild his business and provide employment in Edenderry again.

Mr Foley’s former FF party colleague, Cllr Noel Bourke said he had great sympathy for the owners of any company that runs into trading difficulties and has equal sympathy for the employees who lose their jobs as a result of that.

“Accelerated Drain Cleaning Ltd gave great employment over the years and had the record of a company which gave first class service and was very good for the area,” said Cllr Bourke.

He said that many clubs and organisations benefitted from the success of ADC Ltd and additional facilities had been provided in those Clubs as a result.

“I wish the owner of the company John Foley well in the future,” concluded Cllr Bourke.