Offaly country star to release debut album

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly country star to release debut album

Offaly country star to release debut album

Rising country music star Alex Roe is set to release his first album next month, with a spectacular launch-party at The Well in Moate on October 16.

Joining Offaly man Alex to celebrate this career milestone will be a parade of some of the biggest names in Irish country music, including Olivia Douglas, Gerry Guthrie, and T.R. Dallas, with some of the genres newest talents such as Sabrina Fallon, Paul Kelly, and Colin Kenny, also making special guest appearances.

Alex has already topped the charts on three occasions, with each of his singles to date making it to number 1, and all three
– ‘All I Need Is You’, ‘We’ll Walk Hand In Hand’, ‘Summer Time’ – being original songs.

These hits will feature on the album, the name of which is set to be revealed later this week.

Joe Cooney and Kevin Lalor Fitzpatrick of Midlands 103 will co-host the event, and with just over a month to go, Alex is looking ahead to the night with a sense of excitement.

“Even before I released my first single, somewhere in the back of my mind I was already thinking about the moment when I’d be ready to do the same with my first album. So this is definitely something that I’ve been aiming towards for a long time," he said.

"It’ll be another goal reached for me, and I think that’s an important part of a career in the music business for anybody these
days - having a plan, and working hard towards reaching the goals that you’ve set yourself.”

The focus so far may have been primarily on the hard work side of establishing himself on the scene, but when October 16 comes around, Alex plans on celebrating in style.

“Whenever I’m on stage, it’s all about having fun, both for me and the audience. And that’s going to be even truer on the
launch night. Not only do I want people to really like the album when they finally hear it, I want them to have the best night possible as well," Alex added.

"And in that regard, I’m very lucky to have so many friends from the country music scene coming along to join me on the night – and we have a few more names to announce yet - and every one of them is a super entertainer. So yeah, on October 16 we’ll have The Well rockin’ all night.”

Alex launches his debut album in The Well, Moate, on October 16. He’ll be joined on the night by special guests Olivia Douglas, Gerry Guthrie, Paul Kelly, Andy Feery, Colin Kenny, Sabrina Fallon, T.R. Dallas, Tommy Power, David Kiernan, Ger Long, and Chrissy Mac, with backing from The Ryan Turner Band. More special guest s still to be announced.