Offaly singer set to perform with country legends

A star on the rise

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly singer set to perform with country legends

Offaly singer set to perform with country legends

Despite being one of the youngest performers on the road, Offaly singer Alex Roe has been building quite a name for himself over the last year or so.

His first two singles both went to number 1 in the country charts, an achievement made all the more impressive by the fact they were original tracks. 

He has now received the news that he's been chosen to perform at this year's Hot Country TV Awards Concert in May, alongside some of the biggest names in the Irish county scene.

The Hot Country TV Awards Concert takes place in the Slieve Russell Hotel in Cavan, and it's a night Alex is looking forward to. 

"It's a brilliant opportunity for me, there's no doubt about that. Hot Country is a show everybody knows and everybody who has any kind of interest in Irish country music watches. And I'm the same, I always have it on, or record it if I'm away. But as soon as I walk back in the door, that's what goes on the telly."

"So yeah, to be a part of it this year, that's going to be one of the highlights of my career so far. Just the thought of playing on the same stage as Nathan [Carter], for example, and Mike [Denver], artists that I really look up, I can't wait for it, to be honest, he added.

Alex continues to work on new music, saying that he has "been so busy with gigs that it's been tough to fit in all the studio time that I'd like to schedule."

"But having said that, we have a few songs that I've been working on, and that aren't too far away from being finished. So I have a few ideas in the pipeline about what's next. It's just a matter of deciding which track to go with, that's all. The way things are looking, I'd say I'll definitely have something out again by the summertime. That's the kind of direction we're aiming for right now anyway." 

Alex performs at the Hot Country TV Awards Concert in the Slieve Russell Hotel, Cavan, on May 1.


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