Tullamore Harriers Report (March 11)






Walsh and Stueven Selected for Irish Cross Country Team 

The Irish Schools Cross Country took place in Santry, Dublin at the weekend with conditions tough due to very strong winds throughout the day and slippery underfoot conditions. Andrea Ryan was the first Harriers athlete to toe the start line. She competed in the Minor Girls race over two of the smaller laps. Andrea produced her best run in a Cross Country Ireland to date with a great eighth-place finish.  In the next girl’s race, the Junior Girls, Sinead Walsh competed well to finish ninth.

Having been in the leading pack from the start, Sinead dug in on the last lap as the attacks came and fought all the way to the finishing line. As a result of her great run, Sinead has been selected to represent Ireland at the upcoming Schools International Cross Country Competition in Falkirk in Scotland. The next girl’s race was the Intermediate Girls and Ruby Stueven was again near the front from the start. On the second lap, Ruby lost touch with the leading pack. However with 600m to go she pushed for home and in less than 300m passed seven other athletes and then, on the run-in, caught another to finish seventh. Ruby like Sinead was, as a result, selected to represent Ireland at the upcoming Schools International Cross Country.  In the Senior Girls race Laura Mooney tucked into the leading group for the first 2000m. Then she bravely took the lead and pushed the pace over the last lap. She led for a long period and only was caught by the chasers with 300m to go. Still Laura hung on for 5 th place and her first national medal at an All Ireland schools event.  In the Senior Boys race Philip King acquitted himself well finishing a creditable 52nd. Well done to all.

Harriers in Action in Irish Universities Cross Country 

The IUAA Irish Universities Cross Country took place at the weekend in Cork. Five Tullamore Harriers lined out for their respective colleges and the great results were a reflection of their hard work. If the women’s race had been a club instead of a University competition it would have meant a victory for Tullamore Harriers as all four competing finished in the top twenty. 

Danielle Donegan was first home finishing in 7th place, with Nadine Donegan 9th, Claire Rafter 15th and Emily Grennan 20th. 
Kacper Kapturkievicz is just back from injury and slowly building back his fitness. He is improving each week so his 66 th place finish is just a reflection of where he is at the moment but in the weeks ahead he will make steady improvements.

Double honours for Ava

Congratulations to Ava O’Connor who not only received one prestigious award but picked up two national trophies at the Juvenile Star Awards 2019 in the Bridge House Hotel on Saturday 29th February. The annual awards ceremony celebrate Ireland’s best and most successful Juvenile Athlete from the previous year. Ava is a 16 year old middle distance athlete who’s 1500m and 800m times improved significantly in 2019. In the 1500m the standout results from Ava at International
competitions was coming seventh in the 1500m European Youth Olympics in Baku, Azerbaijan in July and also winning the Youth Nations Cup in Dublin in the 1500m. Ava won a number of provincial 800m and also won a national junior title when competing at the National indoors in February 2019. Her PB also improved significantly over the year as she improved it from 2.18 down to 2.11. Ava is coached by Damian Lawlor. She is supported greatly by her mother Sinead, father Liam, and sister Hazel. Achievements in 2019 – Gold in both Indoor and outdoor 1500m and Gold in Indoor 800m and for this she was presented with the County Offaly award. Ava was delighted to run in the first ever Youth Nations Cup held in Santry last July. She faced tough opposition from the English team and was ranked 3rd going into the race. Ava decided on a change of tactic, usually she would take it on from the start but this time she sat in behind the 2 English girls and kicked with 600m to go. She was delighted with the clear win and her first International gold medal. For this performance Ava was presented with the Breda Synott Award for Best Female at The Celtic Games. Congratulations again Ava and well deserved.

Spring League – Round 1

Well done to all who lined out for Round 1 of the Spring League on Tuesday, 25th February. Race 1 was a 5k on the tarmac track. Cian Martin was the winner in 17.14 with Tara McKinney first lady in 20.13. Great running by all. The Team Captains for this year's League are Dave Dunican, Anne Daly, Evelyn Herlihy and Eanna Gowran.

Full Results - Place, Name, Time:
1 st Cian Martin  17.14, 2 nd   Leonard Mooney  17.19, 3 rd   Pauric Berry  17.44, 4 th Michael Murphy  18.28,
5 th Liam Byrne  18.32, 6 th Jody O'Reilly  18.37, 7 th  Darragh Rigney  18.38, 8 th Darren Butler  18.42,
9 th Alan Heffernan  19.19, 10 th   Leonard Owens  19.22, 11 th   Fionnan Minnock  19.22, 12 th Nick McGowan 
19.30, 13 th Alan Mitchell 19.45, 14 th  Dermot Smith 20.03, 15 th  Fra Mollen 20.08, 16 th  Dave Dunican Capt. 
20.12, 17 th Tara McKinney  20.13, 18 th   Sean Reynolds  20.14, 19 th  Shane Origan  20.20,  20 th Nita McLoughlin 
20.28, 21 st Lorcan Scally 20.29, 22 nd  Sean Spollen 20.33, 23 rd  Mark Harpur 20.35, 24 th  Evelyn Herlihy Capt. 
20.43, 25 th  Finian McDermott  20.44, 26 th  Richie Galvin  20.46, 27 th  Lesley Cornally  20.49, 28 th Aidan G Egan
20.53, 29 th  Ger Lynam  20.55, 30 th Simon Byrne  20.57, 31 st Eugene Mann  21.12, 32 nd  Dympna Fox 
21.18, 33 rd   Bridget Fox  21.20, 34 th Eugene O'Dea  21.53, 35 th Ian O'Kelly  22.06, 36 th Ricky White  22.15,
37 th John Donegan  22.24,  38 th John O'Connell  22.26, 39 th Mag Grennan  22.27, 40 th Maeve Larkin  22.44,
41 st Aoife Marron  22.47, 42 nd   Jack Ryan  22.50,  43 rd   Joe White  23.05, 44 th Jonathan King  23.07,
45 th  Kieran O'Brien  23.17, 46 th   Patricia Gallagher  23.25, 47 th  Joe Wrafter  23.30, 48 th Paul Hensey  23.34, 
49 th   Brendan Carroll  23.35, 50 th   Mary Galvin  23.40, 51 st   Denis Tennison Ihaza  23.44, 52 nd   Emer Guilfoyle 
23.52, 53 rd   Tara Staunton  24.04, 54 th   Rodge Larkin  24.11, 55 th   Hilary Duncan  24.14, 56 th Shane McLoughlin 
24.37, 57 th  Martina Lydon  24.42, 58 th   Ray Murray  25.09, 59 th  Karen Martin  25.14, 60 th  Tony McCormack 
25.19, 61 st Sarah Stephens McConigley  25.20, 62 nd  Paschal Naughton  25.51, 63 rd  Tracey Stewart  26.02, 
64 th Ann O'Malley 26.03, 65 th Noreen Hunt 26.06, 66 th Clive Young 26.07, 67 th Anne Daly Capt.  26.13,
68 th   Fallen Conlon  26.34, 69 th  Martina Conlon  26.35, 70 th   Dave Kavanagh  26.51, 71 st  Naomi Galvin  26.59,
72 nd   Eithne Moran 27.03, 73 rd   Noel Browne  27.16, 74 th   Aisling McCormack  27.18, 75 th Joyce Stephenson 
27.33, 76 th  Sharon Daly 28.05, 77 th   Joanne Kelly  29.06, 78 th  Sharon Larkin  30.03, 79 th  Mary Fox Mann 30.16,
80 th  Ann Marie Lawlor 30.56, 81 st  Helen Larkin 32.09.

McNamara 5 Mile Road Race – Spring League Round 2

Congratulations to Andy O’Grady who won this year's McNamara 5 Mile Road Race, held on Sunday 1st March. The race was also Round 2 off the Spring League. Fastest runner on the day was Pauric Ennis with fastest lady Pauline Curley. Well done all.

Name, Adjusted Time, Actual Time, Handicap, Prize Winners.
Pauric Ennis 00:26:50 00:26:50 00:00:00 Fastest Male, Cian Martin 00:26:38 00:29:23 00:02:45
2 nd Finisher, Padraig Berry 00:27:10 00:29:55 00:02:45, Leonard Mooney 00:27:40 00:30:15
00:02:35, Darragh Rigney 00:26:42 00:31:17 00:04:35 3 rd Finisher, Jody O'Reilly 00:27:55 00:31:35
00:03:40, Darren Butler 00:26:50 00:31:50 00:05:00 5 th Finisher, Liam Byrne 00:27:04 00:32:04
00:05:00,  Pauline Curley 00:27:34 00:32:34 00:05:00 Fastest Female, Alan Heffernan 00:27:13
00:32:53 00:05:40, Dermot Smith 00:27:02 00:32:57 00:05:55, Glenn Finlay 00:29:43 00:33:03
00:03:20, Lorcan Scally 00:26:44 00:33:14 00:06:30 4 th Finisher, Francis Mollen 00:27:01 00:33:21
00:06:20, Tara McKinney 00:27:05 00:33:35 00:06:30, Leonard Owens 00:28:13 00:34:08 00:05:55,
Sean Reynolds 00:27:47 00:34:17 00:06:30, Ian O'Kelly 00:28:14 00:34:34 00:06:20, Aidan G Egan
00:28:07 00:34:37 00:06:30, Rory Farrell 00:28:43 00:34:38 00:05:55, John Donegan 00:28:20
00:34:50 00:06:30, Nita McLoughlin 00:28:45 00:35:15 00:06:30, Simon Byrne 00:27:05 00:35:20
00:08:15, Sean Spollen 00:27:41 00:35:21 00:07:40, Finian McDermott 00:28:40 00:35:30 00:06:50,
Evelyn Herlihy 00:28:42 00:35:32 00:06:50, Rita Daly Ravenhill 00:28:38 00:35:48 00:07:10, Richie
Galvin 00:28:44 00:36:24 00:07:40, Eugene O'Dea 00:28:14 00:36:29 00:08:15, John O'Connell
00:29:57 00:36:47 00:06:50,  Paul Shaw 00:27:40 00:37:20 00:09:40, Maeve Larkin 00:27:14 00:37:39
00:10:25, Ricky White 00:27:14 00:37:39 00:10:25, Basil Cronin 00:31:56 00:37:51 00:05:55,
Margaret Grennan 00:27:02 00:37:52 00:10:50, Jack Ryan 00:26:50 00:38:10 00:11:20 6 th Finisher,
Ronan Higgins 00:28:37 00:38:17 00:09:40, Paddy Rowland 00:28:06 00:38:56 00:10:50, Andy
O'Grady 00:25:45 00:39:20 00:13:35 1 st Finisher, Kieran O'Brien 00:28:40 00:39:30 00:10:50,Patricia
Gallagher 00:27:33 00:39:33 00:12:00, Emer Guilfoyle 00:27:14 00:39:34 00:12:20, Joe Wrafter
00:27:36 00:39:36 00:12:00, Mary Galvin 00:27:56 00:39:56 00:12:00, Martina Conlon 00:29:18
00:40:38 00:11:20, Dennis Tennison Ihaza 00:28:48 00:41:08 00:12:20, Sarah Stephens (McConigley)
00:28:53 00:41:53 00:13:00, Brendan Carroll 00:29:34 00:41:54 00:12:20, Olivia Egan 00:28:33
00:42:08 00:13:35, Ray Murray 00:29:35 00:42:35 00:13:00, Ann Marie McNamara 00:27:40
00:42:40 00:15:00, Paschal Naughton 00:27:21 00:42:51 00:15:30, Tracey Stewart 00:28:42 00:43:17
00:14:35, Fallen Conlon 00:27:57 00:43:27 00:15:30, Anne Daly 00:26:58 00:43:33 00:16:35, Tony
McCormack 00:29:03 00:44:03 00:15:00, Naomi Galvin 00:28:56 00:44:26 00:15:30, Noel Browne
00:27:24 00:46:09 00:18:45, Dave Kavanagh 00:28:11 00:46:46 00:18:35, Sharon Daly 00:27:45
00:47:45 00:20:00, Sharon Larkin 00:28:19 00:50:19 00:22:00, Ann Marie Lawlor 00:29:59 00:51:59
00:22:00, Helen Reynolds 00:31:12 00:52:27 00:21:15, Helen Larkin 00:29:28 00:52:28 00:23:00,
Melissa Hogan 00:29:58 00:59:33 00:29:35.

Leinster Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships

At the Leinster Master Indoors, held on Saturday 22nd February, 3 of our master athletes did their club proud with great performances in Abbotstown. Adrian Brennan who is normally the other side of the track as juvenile coach came away with 2 gold medals! Adrian was 1 st O55 in the Long Jump with a leap of 3.99m and 1 st the 60m sprint in 8.83. He was 4th in the Shot Putt (8.69). Mary Walsh put on her usual great display and also took a gold medal. Mary was 1 st O70 in the 200m sprint in 41.52. Joyce Stephenson made her provincial debut finishing a very respectable 4th in the o50 60m sprint. Well done to you all.

National Master Indoor Track & Field Championships

Adrian Brennan and Mary Walsh represented the club at the National Masters Indoors on Sunday 8th March, following on from their performances at the Leinster Championships. Adrian posted a personal best in the 60m sprint with 8.78 finishing in 5 th place and he was just out of the medals in the Long Jump with a jump of 3.56m. Well done Adrian. For the day that was in it - International Women's Day, Mary Walsh was without a doubt a true role model for the club. She has worn the blue and white for many a year now and showing no signs of hanging up the spikes. Mary took the gold medal in the ladies O70 200m sprint with a time of 41.39. Congratulation Mary.

Colin Dunne 5k

Congratulations to Mick O'Brien who won the Colin Dunne 5k race in Mucklagh on Sunday 8th March. Mick posted 17.13 with Leonard Mooney on his heels taking 2nd place in 17.15 and Cian Martin 3 rd in 17.23. Well done to all our members who lined out. 

Sean Lowry 5k

Tullamore Harriers was represented at the Sean Lowry 5k race which was hosted by Birr Athletic Club on Sunday 1st March. Jonathan Dunne was first home for the club with time of 18.13 and next was new member Padraig Keane in 20.33. Pat Kennedy posted 25.33. Well done lads.

Adare 10K

Pauric Ennis had another great run on Sunday February 23 rd February in the Adare 10k hosted by West Limerick A.C. This popular race sold out in just 4 days and just over 700 crossed the line. Pauric posted a super time of 33.50 and finished in 9th place overall.

Naas 10 Mile

Well done to three members who competed in the Naas 10 mile race on Sunday 01 st March - Clive Young 1.28.52, Olivia Weldon 1.30.58 and Sandra Busteed 1.40.01.

Bohermeen Half Marathon

The annual Spring Half Marathon hosted by Bohermeen Athletic Club was again a huge success on Sunday 8th March with over 1200 finishers. It has become one of the most popular races for this time of year, selling out well in advance of race day. The race was won by Yared Derese in 1.03.12. Tullamore’s Pauric Ennis who has been in fantastic running form of late, posted a PB with a time of 1.11.35 to take 9 th place in this very competitive race. Well done to all our athletes who lined out in the blue and white. Results: Pauric Ennis 1.11.35, Eddie Garry 1.18.12, David Flaherty 1.26.18, Amanda Owens 1.53.11, Liz Ryan 2.05.10, Richael Murtagh 2.05.10, Aisling McCormack 2.10.53, Joanne Kelly 2.10.53.

Kinvara Half Marathon and 10k

Basil Cronin and Leonard Owens took on the Kinvara Half Marathon also on Sunday 8th March. Melissa Hogan competed in the 10k. While Kinvara is renowned for its beautiful scenery in south Galway.....the race is noted for the hills! Basil had a super run posting 1.28.17. Leonard too had a good run with 1.30.50, and Melissa posted 1.21.31 for her 10k race. Well done all.


Sun 15 th March Offaly 5k Road Race Series Round 1 – Tullamore Harriers AC
Sun 22 nd March Offaly 5k Road Race Series Round 2 – Naomh Ciaran AC, Castlejordan
A list of AAI-licensed fixtures is available on www.athleticsireland.ie

Tullamore Harriers Couch to 5K 2020

This is it...the Grand Finale…THE 5K RUN! On Wednesday evening the 11th of March at 6.30pm the “Tullamore Harriers C25k 5k Run” kicks off. For the past 10 weeks, on Monday and Wednesday evenings our squad have put in huge work and we know you are now ready to put it all together. Many of you could barely run a half a lap of the track at the start of your journey but with determination and effort over the week, you are smashing many laps! We are very proud of the progress you all have made from week 1 and hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. See next week’s report for full results on 5k, well done all.

Tullamore Harriers Half Marathon

The 2020 Tullamore Harriers Half Marathon is now open for registration. As always, it is on the last Saturday in August - the 29 th of August. Don't make the mistake like so many last year who (despite our warning!) didn't get in before sell out. Register here:


Training for adults every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm and Sunday at 8.00am except on race days. New members always welcome. Please contact Sean Reynolds 085-1742418 or Anna Hyland Guilfoyle 086-8248928 or any club member. Full details regarding Juvenile training on tullamore.com

Club Membership 2020/Access to Facilities

Thank you to all who have renewed their annual membership, to new members and parents who have submitted all details required for club membership with Tullamore Harriers. Just a reminder that any person using the club facilities must be a paid-up member. The fee covers club membership and registration with Athletics Ireland which is necessary in order to take part in club training and competition. You cannot compete for Tullamore Harriers without current membership.

Membership is from January 1st to December 31st. Membership forms can be found in the clubhouse and on our website www.tullamoreharriers.com/join. Please note: ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are only entitled to WALK on the tarmac track and must not use the track after 5.30pm on weekdays or on days of competition. Any enquiries to Club Registrar, coach or any committee member.