Tullamore Harriers Report (March 5)

Tullamore Harriers juvenile athletes put on fine display in Leinster relays in Abbottstown

On a very cold and wet Sunday morning, over 30 athletes travelled to Abbottstown indoor athletic stadium which was hosting the Leinster Indoor Relay championships. Five teams were entered on the day. They were:

Girls U12: Emily Mac Donnell, Saoirse Murtagh, Eadhadh Multaney, Grace McNally, Laura Condron.

Girls U14: Eimear Cotter, Polly Duffy, Aishling Cotter, Sadhbh Keohane.
Boys U16: Evan Cunningham, Luke Bourke, Evan Farrelly, Jack Saunders, Philip Dunne.
Boys U17: Luke Bourke, Jack Saunders, Michael Dowling, Diarmaid Finneran, Daniel Dowling.
Girls U17: Kate Cunningham, Katelyn Farrelly, Shauna Slattery, Katie Bourke, Grainne Lawlor.

The day started off with the boys U17, 4x200 metres relay. In the boys u17 4x200 metres all four athletes ran a great race in a time of 1 min 41.96 seconds to finish second in their heat and progress straight into the final. After a short break, they were back on the track again. The boys improved on their time in the final with a time of 1 min 40.61 seconds to finish fourth just missing out on a medal.

In the Girls U17, 4x200 metres it was a straight final with six teams taking part. All training by the five young athletes since Christmas paid off on the day. The girls took the lead and with good baton exchanges they held that lead all the way over the four legs to take the gold medal in a time of 1 min 45.72 seconds. It was a great performance on the day with an improvement of six seconds on their time last year. The afternoon started off with the Girls U12, 4x200 metres relay. All girls were running for their first time in Abbottstown and put on a great display. There were five heats in total for the U12 girls. The girls ran a great heat with a time of 2 mins 14.47 seconds to finish second in their heat.

Unfortunately, the time was not fast enough to qualify for the final. In the Girls U14, 4x200 metres relay similarly all the girls were running for their first time in Abbottstown indoor arena. The girls ran a great heat and crossed the finish line with a time of 2 mins 04.63 seconds. It took a photo finish to separate the teams but unfortunately they just missed out on the final. Well done girls. Next was the boys u16, 4x200 metres. All of the athletes ran a good leg with good baton exchange and won their heat in a time of 1 min 48.48 seconds to make it through to the final. In the final, they improved their time by over six seconds to take second place and claim a silver medal. Well done lads.

In the individual events, Diarmaid Finneran took part in the U17 Triple Jump. Diarmaid put in a fine performance jumping 10.78 metres to take third place overall and a bronze medal. Well done.

It was a great performance in Abbottstown on the day by all the teams and athletes. Thanks to all the parents who attended and supported the athletes and coaches. Well done all.

Power and Farrelly Medal at Leinster indoors

Katelyn Farrelly, Dean Power and Emmanul Llori all competed in day 3 of the Leinster Indoors Championships. Katelyn was first up in the junior women’s 60m, a solid sprint of 8.09 qualifying for the final. A little slow with her start in the final but finishing in a good 6th place with 8:10. Emmanul in the junior men’s 60m race a decent race of 7:58, considering his first of the season and with very little training under his belt. A good base to get his season started. Dean Power in the senior men’s ran a comfortable heat to make the final where he took the bronze medal with 7:03. Dean in the 200m also made the final but after 50m he pulled up with an injury. Katelyn in the junior women’s long jump maintained her great form with winning the gold with another PB jump of 550cm and improving on the club record. Well done.

McNamara 5 Mile

Congratulations to Emer Guilfoyle who was deemed the 2019 winner of the McNamara 5 trophy on Sunday, March 3! The McNamara is a hidden handicapped race whereby all athletes set off together and their finish time is adjusted with the preset handicap. 2nd place Hilary Duncan, 3rd Aisling McCormack, 4th Mark Harpur, 5th Darragh Rigney, 6th Catch Grennan. 80 club members lined out this morning in bitter cold conditions. The fastest man was Michael O'Brien and the Fastest lady was Nita McLoughlain. Well done to all who supported this annual event.

Full results: Name Adjusted time/Actual time/Handicap:
1. Micheal O'Brien, 00:27:41, 00:28:31, 00:00:50, Fastest man; 2, Catch Grennan, 00:27:25, 00:29:05,
00:01:40, 6th place; 3. Leonard Mooney, 00:28:25, 00:29:25, 00:01:00; 4. Padraig Berry, 00:28:08,
00:29:48, 00:01:40; 5. Darragh Rigney, 00:27:19, 00:30:09, 00:02:50, 5 th place; 6. Glen Finlay, 00:27:43,
00:30:33, 00:02:50;7. Conor Mooney, 00:27:49, 00:30:49, 00:03:00; 8. Ian O'Kelly, 00:28:20, 00:31:50,
00:03:30; 9. Leslie Buckley, 00:28:42, 00:31:52, 00:03:10; 10. Darren Butler, 00:28:57, 00:31:57, 00:03:00;
11. Liam Byrne, 00:28:30, 00:32:00, 00:03:30; 12. Alan Heffernan, 00:28:26, 00:32:06, 00:03:40; 13.
Leonard Owens, 00:27:52, 00:32:22, 00:04:30; 14. Padraic Sweeney, 00:28:59, 00:32:29, 00:03:30; 15.
Francis Mollen, 00:27:28, 00:32:38, 00:05:10; 16. Jody O'Reilly, 00:29:37, 00:33:07, 00:03:30; 17. Finian
McDermott, 00:28:09, 00:33:19, 00:05:10; 18. Ger Lynam, 00:28:56, 00:33:26, 00:04:30; 19. Nita
Mcloughlin, 00:28:12, 00:33:27, 00:05:15, Fastest Woman; 20. Jonny Feery, 00:30:13, 00:33:28, 00:03:15;
21. Mark Harpur, 00:27:16, 00:33:46, 00:06:30, 4 th place; 22. Jennifer Burke, 00:28:05, 00:33:55,
00:05:50; 23. Gerry Dunican, 00:28:48, 00:33:58, 00:05:10; 24. Rob Maunsell, 00:28:13, 00:34:03,
00:05:50; 25. Richie Galvin, 00:30:02, 00:34:07, 00:04:05; 26. Peter Bennett, 00:30:31, 00:34:11,
00:03:40; 27. Eugene O'Dea, 00:28:02, 00:34:12, 00:06:10; 28. Tara McKinney, 00:28:38, 00:34:13,
00:05:35; 29. Dave Dunican, 00:28:04, 00:34:14, 00:06:10; 30. Lynn Mooney, 00:27:51, 00:34:21,
00:06:30; 31. Ivan Dunne, 00:28:54, 00:34:29, 00:05:35; 32. Eugene Mann, 00:28:28, 00:34:38, 00:06:10;
33. John O'Connell, 00:30:05, 00:35:25, 00:05:20; 34. Basil Cronin, 00:31:24, 00:35:54, 00:04:30;
35. Elysia McCormack, 00:28:36, 00:35:56, 00:07:20; 36. Sean Reynolds, 00:29:49, 00:35:59, 00:06:10;
37. Sean Spollen, 00:28:21, 00:36:06, 00:07:45; 38. Paul Shaw, 00:29:06, 00:36:26, 00:07:20;
39. Diarmuid Herlihy, 00:30:21, 00:36:31, 00:06:10; 40. Rodge Larkin, 00:29:15, 00:36:35, 00:07:20;
41. Mary Daly, 00:28:06, 00:37:16, 00:09:1; 42. Margaret Grennan, 00:27:38, 00:37:18, 00:09:40;
43. Martina Conlon, 00:27:27, 00:37:47, 00:10:20; 44. John Connolly, 00:27:37, 00:37:57, 00:10:20;
45. Mary Galvin, 00:27:58, 00:37:58, 00:10:00; 46. Aoife Marron, 00:28:24, 00:38:44, 00:10:20;
47. Ray Murray, 00:28:57, 00:38:57, 00:10:00; 48. Emer Guilfoyle, 00:27:05, 00:39:05, 00:12:00, Winner;
49. Denis Flynn, 00:28:47, 00:39:07, 00:10:20; 50. Hilary Duncan, 00:27:10, 00:39:10, 00:12:00, 2nd
place; 51. Joe White, 00:29:15, 00:39:35, 00:10:20; 52. Amanda Owens, 00:28:13, 00:39:48, 00:11:35;
53. Paddy Rowland, 00:29:24, 00:40:04, 00:10:40; 54. Karen Martin, 00:29:19, 00:40:24, 00:11:05;
55. Tracey Stewart, 00:27:36, 00:40:41, 00:13:05; 56. Ann Marie McNamara, 00:28:44, 00:41:14,
00:12:30; 57. Una Mullen, 00:30:55, 00:41:35, 00:10:40; 58. Tony McCormack, 00:31:08, 00:42:13,
00:11:05; 59. Michael McConigley, 00:30:15, 00:43:00, 00:12:45; 60. Fallon Conlon, 00:30:28, 00:43:13,
00:12:45; 61. Aisling McCormack, 00:27:15, 00:43:15, 00:16:00, 3 rd place; 62. Anne Daly, 00:29:07,

00:43:17, 00:14:10; 63. Adrian Larkin, 00:35:58, 00:43:18, 00:07:20; 64. Sinead Kelly, 00:34:14, 00:44:14,
00:10:00; 65. Joanne Kelly, 00:28:22, 00:45:02, 00:16:40; 66. Sandra Busteed, 00:29:51, 00:45:51,
00:16:00; 67. Anne Cusack, 00:31:17, 00:45:52, 00:14:35; 68. Eithne Moran, 00:31:04, 00:45:54,
00:14:50; 69. Clive Young, 00:29:35, 00:46:05, 00:16:30; 70. Sharon Daly, 00:29:30, 00:46:10, 00:16:40;
71. Josie Lalor, 00:31:56, 00:46:16, 00:14:20; 72. Dara Byrne, 00:29:36, 00:46:46, 00:17:10;
73. Maeve Larkin, 00:42:13, 00:48:03, 00:05:50; 74. Jim Langan, 00:32:10, 00:48:40, 00:16:30;
75. Ann Marie Lawlor, 00:31:09, 00:49:39, 00:18:30; 76. Bernard Doheny, 00:34:56, 00:49:56, 00:15:00;
77. Mary Fox Mann, 00:32:11, 00:50:31, 00:18:20; 78. Ann McGuinness, 00:32:38, 00:51:08, 00:18:30;
79. Sharon Larkin, 00:34:04, 00:51:14, 00:17:10; 80. Helen Larkin, 00:33:12, 00:51:42, 00:18:30.

Leinster Senior and Masters Indoor Track & Field

Congrats to Mary Walsh who took gold in the O70 200m sprint (36.86) in the Leinster Master Track & Field championships in Abbotstown at the weekend. New member Lorna Coll made an impressive debut by taking bronze in the o45 Shot Putt (7.05). Nadine Donegan continues to shine taking silver in the Senior Ladies 1500m with 4.46.70. Dean Power finished 3rd in the Senior Men's 60m sprint with 7.03 and he also qualified for the 200m final but unfortunately had to pull out due to injury. Conor Butler had a great run in the Senior Men's 1500m taking the silver medal with 4.17. Ethan Dunican and Conor raced the 800m finishing 7th and 8th respectively. Well done all.

Kinvara Half Marathon

David Murray was 2nd placed in the Kinvara Half Marathon on Saturday, March 2. The race was won by Kevin Mooney (Craughwell AC) in 1.16:19 and David a close 2nd in 1:16:27. Basil Cronin posted 1.30.26 and Melissa Hogan 2:57:12. Well done all.

Kinnity Knight 10k

In the dark of night, a few of our members took on a 10k in the Slieve Bloom mountains last weekend. Finian McDermott 46.50, Mathew O'Byrne 49.03, Sean Reynolds 49.04, John Ward 53.07 and Sandra Busteed 66.43. Well done all.

European Indoor Championships

Congrats to committee member and former chairperson John Cronin who was selected to officiate at the European Indoor Championships held in Glasgow at the weekend.

The Tullamore Harriers Book

The recently published Tullamore Harriers History Book is available to buy in: Ready2Run, Tyrrells Bakery, Dolan's Gala Shop, Tullamore Hardware, Cards & Things, Heatwise and Centra Fingerboard for only €20 for a great read on the History of Tullamore Harriers. The book is also available to buy in Offaly History bookshop or online,

Tullamore Harriers 5k - Race 1 in Offaly Road Race Series

The Tullamore Harriers Annual 5k will be run off on Sunday March 24 at 10am. On closed roads, and on a flat course, this race is definitely one for a fast time! This race is the first race of the 2019 Offaly 5k. Road Race series and offers prizes in all age groups. Pre-register  or register on the day from 8.30am.

Tullamore Harriers Half Marathon 2019

Registration is now open for the 2019 Tullamore Harriers Quinlan Cup Half Marathon. The 7th annual event will take place on Saturday, August 31. Last year we sold out early and unfortunately many were disappointed they didn’t make the cut off of 1000 entries. Again this year we will cap the entries at 1000 so please register to secure your place. The relay race will go ahead again this year. The Leinster and Offaly Half Marathon Championships will be incorporated into this year's race. Every year we get huge positive feedback from participants and spectators alike who praise the friendly atmosphere and quality of the Tullamore Harriers Half Marathon. So sign up now and be part of it.

Full details about the race is on our website. 


Sun March 24 Offaly Road Race 5k Series 2018 Race 1 – Tullamore Harriers AC
Sun March 31 Offaly Road Race 5k Series 2018 Race 2 – Naomh Ciaran AC, Castlejordan

A list of AAI-licensed fixtures is available on


Training for adults every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm and Sunday at 8.00am except on race days. New members always welcome. Please contact Leslie Buckley 087-6130971 or Anna Hyland Guilfoyle 086-8248928 or any club member. Full details regarding Juvenile training on

Club Registration

Please note that membership for 2019 is now overdue. Forms are available in the clubhouse or from Tullamore Harriers website,

Access to Harriers Facilities

Please note that use of the club’s facilities, including the tarmac track, is restricted to members of the club.

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