GALLERY: Is this the worst stretch of road in Offaly for potholes

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter

Is this stretch of road in North Offaly the worst in the county for potholes? 

The pictures in the gallery above show the road in Tubberdaly, Rhode near the water reservoir is in a terrible state of repair and you can see where motorists are having to drive on the grass in places to avoid some enormous potholes. 

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One resident in the area, who described the road as 'a disgrace', contacted the Offaly Express about the condition of the road. They counted 20 potholes in a 250 metre stretch of road and say that in places, the potholes are so big, you cannot drive around them and have to go through them risking damage to your vehicle.

According to the resident, a car suffered a puncture on the road last week and had to drive on the rim to the canal car park before they could safely pull off the road.

Is there a worse road in your area in Offaly? Send us the pictures and a description to