Did a tractor go for a joyride on top of a roundabout in Offaly?

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter



A large roundabout in Offaly has been left cut up with deep tyre marks and it looks as if a joyriding tractor could have been responsible. 

The roundabout at Mucklagh on the N52 just outside Tullamore is completely dug up and our pictures suggest a tractor did the damage. 

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The pictures suggest that the vehicle was certainly large with large tyre treads and given the circular pattern of the deep ruts emanating out from the very centre of the roundabout, it looks like the driver was doing donuts!

The roundabout is on the very busy N52 suggesting that the joyride may have taken place at night.

The tyre tracks appear to lead off the roundabout in the direction of Birr.