Offaly school welcomes mother of Donal Walsh for Mental Health Day





March 6 marked school Mental Health Day at Gallen Community School in Ferbane and they welcomed Elma Walsh, mother of Donal Walsh who died in May 2013.

Donal died after a cancer battle but spent his final days campaigning for positive mental health, urging young people to live life, an opportunity it wasn't going to get. 

Gallen invited his mother Elma to speak to all senior students about Donal’s life and his message to love life and make the best of every situation.

In a moving speech, Mrs Walsh spoke of Donal's zest for life and how in his inspiring life he asked people to go after their goals and dreams. Students wore jerseys to honour Donal's love of sport.

The money raised by the school is divided between the Livelife foundation set up in Donal's name and Pieta House. The school thanked their SAAF committee [Student Ambassador Amber Flag] for their work in highlighting the importance of looking after our mental health.