Offaly students take part in concert at magnificent cathedral





First and second year music students from Gallen Community School in Ferbane took part in the inaugural Diocesan concert SEINN in St Mels Cathedral on Thursday, February 6.

Following the success of the programme in other Dioceses, SEINN has come to the Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for students to come together from across the Diocese to learn some new liturgical music in a fun way and to celebrate music with other students.

The SEINN programme involves students learning and performing together. Gallen CS Ferbane took up the invitation and offered this opportunity to the first and second year music students to become involved. Twenty students were involved in learning all of the songs with five having solo pieces and another student had to read one of the reflections.

Ms Bracken and Chaplain Mrs Finnegan prepared the students over the last number of weeks. The concert, which was streamed live, was a great celebration of different genres of hymns: slow, fast, pop and gospel.

One of the most enjoyable pieces was Blinded by your Grace which the rapper Stormzy recorded.

Pictured: Stage being set up in St Mels Longford, Students from Gallen CS, Soloists: Lauren Reynolds, Mary Coughlan, Faye McLoughlin, Meadhbh Keenaghan, Shauna Buckley and Matthew Flaherty.