Sustainability in business discussed at Edenderry event





An energy event hosted by Edenderry Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by AIB has been hailed a great success by the chamber's chairperson, Christine Traynor.

The event featured keynote speaker John Quinn, a multi-millionaire international award winner and inventor of green energy systems.

All businesses will know that by the end of 2020 they will face the inevitable carbo tax and that planning ahead to reduce your carbon footprint is essential.

Edenderry’s business leaders gathered for a morning breakfast Energy event in Larkin’s Bistro and it is clear that local industry attempts to atone past environmental mistakes and build a more sustainable future while continuing to grow their business.

“As a Chamber of Commerce we are placing a large focus on business transition to a low carbon economy and encouraging a Green Energy Economy," said Chairperson Christine Traynor in opening the morning and giving a warm Edenderry Welcome to those who Get up Early and those who travelled from further afield.

"Noting those businesses in attendance it is clear that that the value of the combined business community in that room far exceeded a billion Euro annual turnover and no one was disappointed on hearing keynote speaker, poised to become Ireland’s next billionaire, John Quinn who spoke expertly on energy.

Addressing the audience Christine noted: “Earlier this year Ireland became the second country to declare a climate emergency. And All the reports and warning signs point to one thing, that climate change is no longer a distant threat, but a visible reality."

When John Quinn spoke of his career having been the inventor and developer of the CD Rom working day and night for weeks in a Panasonic Laboratory, it was clear this was no ordinary man. International Award winner in Entrepreneurship, this inventor has grown his latest business Photonomi using Nanotechnology science to develop breakthrough technology applications to help solve future Food, Energy and Water resource and sustainability challenges.

While John Quinn spoke of the future, one thing is clear he is head of the game, his Heat and Power (Thermal Electric Panels) are leading the way on a global scale, with his company having signed contracts in China retrofitting 1,000 hospitals, 300 airports and public provision of heat and power along the famous silk roads.

One of the most notable matters to be discussed on the morning was the future of hydrogen as an energy source. "We only talk and sometimes criticise the technologies that we use ourselves,” said John Quinn, “we have the only hydrogen-fuelled commercial vehicle fleet in Ireland and we know that the future lies in its use."

Post-meeting, Christine said that "hydrogen is enjoying unprecedented momentum. The world should not miss this unique
chance to make hydrogen an important part of our clean and secure energy future." John Quinn spoke to the audience about their views and discussed the future possibilities for communities like Edenderry, citing the Valencia Island Feasibility Study recently launched on a hydrogen-powered Community.

Christine later confirmed that this is not new. “Orkney Island are fuelling their community on hydrogen power, now with the cleanest energy and having created jobs” this could be the future for communities like ours."

All businesses are encouraged to join the Chamber of Commerce with other like-minded business leaders to advance the town.

“Do not be mistaken, the Chamber of Commerce matters. Having had a hugely successful two years including bringing the Cannonball event to Edenderry, know that your support matters, your membership is valued. We can only bid for these incredible national events with strong membership,” said Christine.

“It’s been incredible with multi-million Euro companies from outside of town joining the chamber, because they see the value in our work,” citing the newest member N. Conlon & Sons.

“AIB has also joined the Chamber as another new member, and their commitment is testament to the work we do," concluded Christine.