Edenderry school goes orange for Cycle Against Suicide fundraising

They put in a huge effort

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Oakland’s Community College turned orange on Wednesday, February 7 to support the campaign of Cycle against Suicide's motto that “It’s OK not to feel Ok, and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help.”

They joined the National Campaign in promoting positive mental health through many creative projects and a bake sale on Wednesday which raised €400 with the help and support of the Home-Economics department.

The theme for this year’s campaign is #EmpowerYourVoice.

The Oakland’s students are inspired by this year’s theme “It’s OK not to feel Ok, and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help” and are delighted to be part of the School’s Ambassador Programme.

The students involved in this project will receive the award for all their hard work in May and gain an opportunity to reflect on working as Ambassadors, Project Managers and using their skills and qualities in this project while bringing this forward in their future studies.