PHOTOS: The returning trend of vinyl records celebrated in Tullamore

It was International Record Store Day

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


The Discovery record shop in Tullamore celebrated International Record Store Day 2018 on Saturday last, April 21, as fans of the old music form filed through the doors.

It was the 11th year celebrating rare and re-released vinyl records from just about every genre in limited numbers and customers flooded in to Discovery in The Mall on William Street in Tullamore to sample records, both new and old.

It was in fact one of just a handful of exclusive independent record stores ("Indies") taking part in the event in Ireland. .

The store was opened last July by Seanie Morris after he spotted the rapid growth of the industry once more. "The music and movie industry relies on the indie stores in addition to the big name supermarket vendors to keep the sales of LPs, DVDs and CDs alive in Ireland<" he said.

"Vinyl records themselves have seen a huge rise in sales: 2017 alone was up over 220% on 2016, and the trend is continuing."

RSD18 saw sales surge almost 600% among member stores in Ireland, the UK, USA and Canada. "It's becoming cool to own and play records again," Seanie remarked.

You can find out more about Discovery by clicking here to visit their Facebook page.