SHS TY companies host AGM

ON March 29, 012 the Sacred Heart School Transition Year students of the four mini companies – Ealaín Ltd, Network Ninjas Ltd, Adrenaline Ltd and Nom Noms Ltd headed to the Tullamore Court Hotel to spend the day practising for their annual general meeting

Facilitating their endeavours were their respective teachers Ms Baggot and Ms Griffin with EalaĆ­n Ltd, Ms Hand and Ms Lanham with Network Ninjas Ltd, Ms Brady and Ms Feighery with Adrenaline Ltd and Ms Egan and Ms Reynolds with Nom Noms Ltd.

The girls have been preparing for their Annual General Meeting since the start of the year. The four companies were all very different but they all had the same management structure including; Chief executive officers, deputy chief executive officers, Financial teams, secretaries, administrators, Public Relations Officers, Human Resource managers, sales teams, purchasing teams, market research teams and advertising teams.

On the night each and every girl stood and gave rousing speeches along with PowerPoint presentations whilst their families watched and applauded appreciatively.

The speeches detailed all that they have achieved while managing their mini companies, the experience and the enjoyment they had gained from their year.

Of course there were a few laughs thrown in along the way. One of the main points that resonated in many of the speeches was the importance of teamwork and how many felt they had matured due to the responsibility they had been given.

Thanks is extended to The Court Hotel for providing refreshments after the meeting and the staff for their help throughout the day. We

Also to all the teachers involved in the mini companies, the parents and families who assisted the girls throughout the year.

And, last, the girls themselves, who it is fair to say, worked very hard and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of running their own businesses and will hopefully carry on this experience with them through life.




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