Rural water programme funding will ‘devastate’ groups work

CLAIMS that Offaly’s rural water programme allocation for 2012 has been decimated by the huge reduction in funding for the coming year have been made by the Chairman of the rural water monitoring committee.

Offaly’s funding has been reduced from an allocation in 2011 to €1.176 million to only €522,000 this year. Cllr. Eddie Fitzpatrick, the committee chairperson, said this allocation will not be sufficient to fund the continued great work been carried out by the rural group water schemes in the county and will be devastating for some of the schemes, who depend on funding to continue the up-grade and extension works.

“Having read through the Department’s list of 2012 allocations, I believe the allocations should have been divided fairer the highest allocation was received by Galway a total of €6,144,000 million with Mayo following close with €5,932,500, no other county received anything close to the figures mentioned.”

At a meeting of the rural water monitoring committee held last week, it was a agreed to write to the Department of the Environment stating the county’s disappointment at the reduced allocation and awaits the response.




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