Letter to the Editor: Beautiful Tullamore historical residence now an embarrassing eyesore

Dear Editor, It has been a while since the Moorehill House Hotel has hit any headlines, certainly not good headlines.

That honour would have been many years ago, when it was a thriving business, used for functions, conferences or for just a quiet drink.

It also had a very significant historical status, an old doll factory I believe. During the boom years when the greed merchants kicked into gear, it was bought up for bigger and better things, generating interest at many levels, even a holiday home purchase venture was on the cards.

It like many other short visionary ventures, has fallen, well and truly flat on its face. Now leaving it as one of the town’s most embarrassing eyesores.

There was I might add, one attempt to shore it up with hoarding, but time and trespassers and the natural elements of wear and tear left it in an appalling state. It has inherited new residents in recent times, unofficial drinking venue and then the infestation of large four-legged friends, rats, thousands of them .

I wonder, how long will it be before the owners/NAMA/others/Council/pied piper will take up their civic duty and responsibility and rectify and or repair this horrific sight/site.

I am a everyday walker along this route and cringe each time I pass what once was a beautiful residence.

Does anyone know who is responsible for the Moorehill House Hotel? Does anyone care about this place?

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Islington




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