Updating owner ship details


Updating owner ship details

Motoring solutions specialist, easytrip, Ireland's only parking and tolling provider, is reminding motorists to update their easytrip account details when buying and selling a vehicle this January.

With an increase in car sales of 30% and 42% for light commercial vehicles in 2015 compared to 2014, and predicted sales for 2016 pointing towards 150,000 units, easytrip is calling on new car and van owners to remember to keep their account details up to date to avoid incurring toll bills and eflow penalty notices from using the M50.

Possible scenarios that can lead to you paying unnecessary toll charges include:

Selling your old car: if you’ve sold your old car and inadvertently left your tag in the car and haven’t updated your toll tag account, the new owner could continue to use your tag at most barrier toll plazas, racking up a bill connected to your account.

Buying a new car: if you’ve bought a new car and transferred your existing tag to it but forgot to update your account details, you’ll risk receiving a toll bill (billed at the higher rate) and penalty charge if you’ve travelled through the M50 toll plaza as your new car registration is not connected to your toll tag account.

"We’re advising all our customers - private or business - to remember to remove your tag from your car or van before you sell or trade it in and to update your account details as soon as possible once change of ownership has been processed”, says Colin Delaney, General Manager, easytrip.

“Likewise if you are purchasing a new vehicle don’t forget to update your account with your new car registration details”.

Existing easytrip customers can update their vehicle details through their online account or by contacting easytrip on 1890 67 67 68. Signing up to an easytrip tag account is simple, you save on toll fees and avoid incurring fines from the toll on the M50 motorway.

Avail of hassle free motoring and parking services - for more information log onto www.easytrip.ie.