Making First Communion Day a memorable one involves all the family


First Holy Communion is a significant and important sacrament for the children involved and the wider world of family, relations and friends.

The run up to the big day in May will centre a lot on the celebration involved and getting all the elements right which will make for an enjoyable and memorable day.

This will invariably involve clothes, food and a host of other considerations which are necessary to make up the occasion.

It is all too easy get caught up and consumed in this aspect of the occasion, but it is important not too overlook the regligious significance of the event which is intrinsic.

The monthis in the lead up to the First Holy Communion will see schoolsv and families busily preparing for the day.

The preparation has been steered by the schools to prepare children for the sacrament.

One of the most important aspects of this preparation is that children are aware of the preparations and their own involvement in them and role.

Family participation is actively encouraged and it is important that families play an active role in preparation for the day.

This preparation can be through parents attending and actively engaging in school First Communion meetings, and attending the preparation Masses and volunteering for readings and helping to organise different aspects of it.

Many priests stress that it is precisely this back up from the family that is particularly important in ensuring that the message given at Mass and through school is taken on board by the children.

Family involvement is a critical component in the day, but it is also important to involve all the family and the child's friends to make it a memorable and fulfilling day, once that they won't forget.