Patricia Cooper : Memorial

Cooper 6th Anniversary In loving memory of Patricia, Patrick Street, Portarlington. I can't send you a card now, that priviledge has gone, but the loving never stops, that goes on and on, there's some who will remember, it will always be a special day, every day I think of you, we hold you close, within our hearts, and there you shall remain, to walk with us throughout our lives, until we meet again, so rest in peace dear loved one, and thanks for all you've done, and pray that God, will give you the crown, you've truly won. God bless from your loving Husband Tom xx. Anniversary Mass Sunday 29th April, St. Michaels Church, Portarlington at 12 O' Clock. Mam A face that is always on my mind, a smile I have seen a million times, two eyes that would light up the sky at night, one last battle came that night, to stay with us you fought so hard, into pieces went my heart, now a photo I look at to see your smile, which always brings a tear to my eye. This I do ...... I have no choice, but great memories of you I will always have, your love is deep in my heart for eternity. Love and miss you always Shirley, Joe, Matthew and Gavin xxxx. Mam We think of you as living, in the hearts of those you touched, for nothing loved is ever lost, and you were loved so much. Love always and sadly missed Sandy, Deirdre, Aaron, Abbie and Rebecca xxxx.

Patricia Cooper Patricia Cooper

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