Tullamore singer Brendan Keeley fuming over ‘wrong decision’ on The Voice

Brendan Keeley (Team Brian  ) during The Voice Of Ireland Quarter Final Live Show in The Helix&.KOBPIX&.NO FEE PIX

Brendan Keeley (Team Brian ) during The Voice Of Ireland Quarter Final Live Show in The Helix&.KOBPIX&.NO FEE PIX

BRENDAN Keeley was dramatically booted off ‘The Voice’ after his coach chose to save another contestant over the veteran Tullamore singer and he wasn’t shy about slamming his shock departure from the talent competition.

Brian Kennedy kicked the 52 year off the show on Sunday night and this week, Brendan raged that it was the “wrong decision” by the coach to kick him off the show.

Performing his own 1990’s hit ‘I’ll Always be Lonely’, Brendan felt that he gave the better performance of the two contestants. “I am absolutely devastated obviously. I didn’t feel it was a justified decision.”

The shattered singer said that he spoke with Brian Kennedy on Monday morning and told him of the backlash from the public about his decision to save Alan Fitzsimmons. “It was the wrong decision and I had to say something to him.”

However, despite his pleas, Brendan said that his former coach wasn’t swayed by public opinion and was “unapologetic” for his decision. “It is as plain as day as to what went on,” he claimed.

The Tullamore singer re-iterated that his reaction to his sudden departure from the show wasn’t “sour grapes”.

“I had the better performance on the night and I had never been in the bottom two.”

On a lighter note, Brendan was delighted to have an the opportunity to perform his own material on the show in front of an audience over one million people.

He did admit that perhaps this was one of the things that had been “overshadowed” by his coach’s controversial decision.

“If someone had said to me last year that in 2012, I would be performing that song again in front of all those people, I would have said no way. It was great to have had that chance again.”

Brendan also added that the show’s exposure had been great and people, who didn’t know of him before, do now because of this.

“But that is the game and I am out,” he later added.

Locally, the support for Brendan has been phenomenal over the last number of weeks and the singer is very grateful for this.

Looking to the future, Brendan said that it was too early this week to say what his future plans were but did vow that he is going to “pick himself up”.




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