Oaklands accommodation issue raised at VEC meeting

CALLS were made for the provision of a new school on a green field site at Oaklands College, Edenderry, despite the news that additional accommodation will be provided at the school’s current location.

Speaking at the March meeting of Offaly VEC, Cllr. Noel Bourke said that while the issue of additional accommodation at the College was being addressed by the provision of an extension to the existing premises, the correct solution to the accommodation issue was to provide a new school.

“The existing site is limited in size and the extension, even though it will be at two levels, will take up valuable space, which is used at present at as a circulation/recreation area,” the councillor said. He also pointed out that with additional students extra traffic will be generated in the vicinity of the school and this could lead to further traffic disruption, which he believed is not good from a road safety point of view.

Cllr. Bourke felt that the building unit of the Department of Education should look at its plans for the Edenderry school again with a view of providing a building that will provide for the long term needs of the school.




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