Garda escort for young Kilcormac walkers

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editorial image

CHILDREN from Kilcormac Playschool managed to get out between showers for their sponsored walk on Friday, June 16.

The children, accompanied by their teachers and parents walked from their Playschool up through the town, up the Main Street and around by the Silver River back to their Playschool.

A Garda escort was provided by visiting Garda William Milner.

Garda Milner was a huge help on the day, allowing the children to walk up the centre of the Main Street with the Garda Van and lights flashing ahead of them. The children were also given a close look at the Garda Van, handcuffs, Garda hat and radio.

After the walk, Garda Milner played a ‘Safe Cross Code’ CD for the children in the Community Centre hall and they enjoyed some party treats to reward them for their effort.

Kilcormac Community Childcare is a registered charity providing Community Playschool and Afterschool for Kilcormac and the surrounding areas.

Events like this are very important and the Committee and Staff are sincerely thankful to all the parents and the community for their generous support.




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