€300 fine for drug possession

Drug possession has led to a €300 fine for a man with thirteen previous convictions, but a woman with no previous convictions will escape a criminal record.

In the first of two unrelated cases, father of two Liam Killen, of 20 Cahir Mor, Tullamore admitted having €30 cannabis for his own use when his home was searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act on November 18 last.

None of his previous convictions are for drug-related offences, and Judge Catherine Staines convicted him and fined him €300.

The following case at Tullamore District Court related to a Polish woman who had €60 cannabis resin in the bedroom of her home at 17 Chancery Park Rise.

Silivia Swierczynski, who works as a cleaner, has been given until July 11 to pay €300 to the court poorbox and she will then be left without a conviction.




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