Tullamore to mark UN Day Opposing Violence against women

THIS Friday November 25 at 11am, at Kilbride Park Tullamore, Offaly Domestic Violence Support Service will take part in a nationwide action in solidarity with the one in five women experiencing domestic violence in Ireland.

The action is part of the Women’s Aid National Balloon Action and will see thousands of balloons released across the country to mark the UN Day Opposing Violence against Women.

This Balloon release will be followed by a fundraiser for ODVSS. Tea /Coffee and refreshments will be available at their office 7 St Kyran’s Street Tullamore. This week ODVSS extended an invitation to all organisations, volunteers and members of the public to come along and meet with Board Members, and Staff and find out what ODVSS has to offer.

“We are also highlighting the fact that one in every five women living in Ireland today are living in fear of those closest to them – their boyfriends, husbands and partners.”

The event also highlights the fact that domestic violence can happen to any women and in any home. “For some women, home means violence, fear and terror. Maybe it is your sister, your friend, your workmate, your mother. Or maybe you are living with domestic violence. Without exception, a woman’s greatest risk of violence is from someone she knows.”

The local balloon action is a part of the Women’s Aid ‘One in Five’ National Balloon Action.

Local groups and groups nationwide are highlighting violence against women during the campaign.




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