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you sitting comfortably? After a busy Easter holiday, it’s common for households to send out a living room SOS. Playing musical chairs because there isn’t enough seating or having unwelcome close encounters as everyone tries to squeeze onto the same saggy sofa can leave you desperate for new furniture.

Luckily, the spring sales make this is a great time of year to bag a bargain. But don’t just look at the price tag - sit on the sofa you want to buy and test it out in the same way you would a bed.

For instance, deep-seated sofas don’t suit short people, while those who love snuggling into a squashy sofa will struggle to warm to a lean low-backed contemporary number, no matter how trendy it looks.

Get smart about seating by following our guide to some of the best sofa bargains around.

Classic seating

Classic sofa styles, mimicking or inspired by vintage looks, can work well in any setting. Generally, it’s best to narrow your search by considering which sofas suit your room’s design and scale. It’s also wise to opt for loose covers, particularly if you have a family and pets.

Cool & contemporary

Sofas often make a statement by virtue of their size, but it’s their design credentials that should draw the eye. Pick up on the passion for pattern with Laura Ashley’s Newman sofa, available in a funky retro print called Wallace Neutral, Clever seats

We’re all trying to find ways to use every available inch of space in our rooms, and seating which fits into corners or can be extended with a chaise (footstool/seat) can be a brilliant solution.

If you like a sleek, contemporary look, Barker & Stonehouse’s Kalina Set Two Corner Group, could appeal. For sheer indulgence, it’s hard to beat an Italian-designed velvet Chester sofa with chaise which can be placed at either end. Sofa saver: Concorde leather corner group with chaise is currently available. A sofa bed is always useful.

Bargain numbers

You’re never going to sit comfortably if you’ve bust the budget by shelling out more than you can afford on a sofa. Fortunately, you can sit back and relax because competition is keen and that means you can bag a well-designed piece at a comfortable price.




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