Nine Offaly projects could benefit under EU stimulus package

THE Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has published its list of previously announced projects which could be advanced if the Government secures an EU stimulus package. The list includes 9 Offaly based projects, which are spread throughout the county.

Nationally, the CIF has identified 52 road projects, 319 water service projects, 11 third level projects, 10 health projects, 6 justice projects, 3 motorway service areas and 13 miscellaneous projects which could be pushed forward by the package. The projects are geographically spread throughout the country with 55 in Dublin, 55 in Cork, 29 in Galway and most counties included in the list.

Speaking about the list, CIF Director General Tom Parlon said, “Since the possibility of an EU stimulus package was first suggested, the CIF has been looking into what projects could be included, including 9 projects based in Offaly. By going through Government published data and intelligence provided by our own members, we have been able to compile this list which identifies hundreds of projects all around Ireland that could benefit from the EU stimulus deal.

“The projects listed are labour intensive and fit in with the Government’s ongoing investment priorities. They would also help stimulate economic growth, not just in selected areas but on a nationwide basis. For a stimulus package to be really effective we need to see a very wide impact, which would not be regionally specific. If this list of projects were implemented then there would be a boost in employment and investment in practically every county in Ireland.”

“The other strong appeal of these projects is that they would profit the country in other ways. The projects included would boost our health services, education, transport, justice and many other areas. When you combine this with the employment connotations and general economic impact you can see why the stimulus package could be so important to the future of the country.”

“All that remains is for the Government to secure the package. While it was first mentioned while the country was in the midst of the EU Fiscal Treaty Referendum campaign, there has been very little movement or commentary from Government on the package since.

“The CIF hopes that by publishing this list of potential projects it will help sharpen Government thinking on the potential stimulus package. By seeing just how many projects could be impacted by this deal, we believe it could help further the resolve of the Government to advance negotiations with their European partners.

“We would also like to add that we do not claim that these are the only projects that could be advanced under any package. There may be many more projects which could also be included in the deal and which would also provide jobs, investment and other benefits around the country. However we hope this list will act as a strong flavour of what can be achieved if the stimulus package is finalised in the near future,” Mr. Parlon concluded.


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