Mazda CX5 - a contender for car of the year

Mazda have been quietly working away at something they call Skyactive, it’s the process of lightening the car while keeping it strong. It means they have to start again and change cars from the ground up; the fist car to be made with this ethos in mind is the CX5. Mazda have always been into the driver feeling, all the current crop of cars are built around the driver having fun behind the wheel. The CX5 is no different; it sits tall on the road but handles like a hatchback in the corners.

The CX5 is the direction that Mazda is going; they have really taken a scalpel to everything in the car. They even have the 1 gram approach, if they can save 1 gram of weight in the car they will; even if that means changing the switches for the electric windows.

Even with all this weight saving, Mazda have still managed to squeeze in a 2.2ltr diesel that puts out either 150hp or 175hp while still being lightest in class. The engine is new but it still has the smoothness of the current engine, it’s surprisingly free revving and coupled to the sporty, short throw gearbox the car makes great progress from a standing start.

Even when you show it some corners you’ll soon find out that the CX5 drives like a sporty hatch, there’s little body roll and the steering it weighted in all the right ways. You will really have to push hard to find the limit of grip and when you do the traction control will drop in and fix everything.

Inside there’s plenty of toys and kit as standard, sat nav with touch screen, parking sensors, air con, blue tooth hands free, auto lights and wipers to name but a few. The materials used throughout the cabin are top notch, there’s plenty of room in the back seat and a decent boot with a flat floor. Worth a mention here, when you drop the back seats you’ll be left with a totally flat floor just like a van.

The prices start at a very keen €25,195 for the executive model in petrol or €28,245 for diesel. The model you want is the 2.2ltr diesel Sport in manual, that will set you back €29,495 but it sits in tax band A and gets loads of good kit as standard, don’t forget the tax band A and still a 2.2! You can also have it in 4wd with 175hp for €34,895 which is a cracking drive for the money.




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