Lighting up my living room with a fresh new colour scheme

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I’m redecorating my living room but I’m really unsure of what shade to choose. It is a north-facing room which doesn’t get an awful lot of light so I’m struggling to pick a colour that will brighten the room without being garish. My existing furniture consists of cream curtains and a cream sofa that I would like to keep. My carpet is green so I will be replacing it. Can you suggest a shade for my walls?

It sounds like you have already put some thought and effort into brightening up your living room but I agree that you will need to follow this through with your paintwork in order to complete the look. Since your room is decorated in neutral tones already, I would be inclined to suggest you introduce some colour in the paint. Crown’s Ultimate range contains some really lovely colourful shades that would work to brighten the room and keep it warm and cosy, considering it is North-facing.

Since you plan on replacing your carpet, I would be inclined to suggest some green shades for your living room. Green is a calming, natural colour which will create an inviting space that you can enjoy relaxing in. Shades like Green Light and White Mid would compliment your existing cream couch and curtains beautifully. Green shades are warm and inviting and the Ultimate range of paints are long-lasting and durable.

Similarly, Cascade from the Indulgence range would suit your room – this soft, duck-egg blue is subtle but stunning. Combine with Milk White on skirting boards and other woodwork and you have a winning combination.

If green isn’t to your liking, then Crown have a wide range of neutral shades you could consider. For example, Mascarpone is a gorgeous milky white shade that contains hints of cream that will warm your room. Similarly, Antique Cream from the Earthbalance range would be gorgeous.

I recommend you paint all skirting and woodwork in white and avoid cream shades as this will darken the room somewhat. Cream White, Stone White and Milk White are ideal and will strike a contrast against the cream.

Depending on your preference and how much you use the room, you could consider placing a cream carpet in your living room. I would take care to ensure the carpet matches your curtains and sofa as mismatched creams do not look good! If you had a wooden floor in mind then I recommend you lay a soft cosy rug in the room.

You can accessorise and add texture to the room with materials that will brighten and lighten it. If you choose green walls then perhaps consider sticking with cream for things like cushions and throws on the couch.

If you opt for more neutral walls then you have the option of using brightly-coloured accessories like lamps and art with vivid colours. And don’t forget that plants are a great, vibrant addition to a room that is deprived of light.

Happy decorating!


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