Lambing it up with pot roast

Pot roast loin of lamb

Pot roast loin of lamb

This week’s What’s Cooking {|with The Bridge House Hotel’s Award winning chef Paddy Kennedy|alt text}. Read it first every week in the Offaly Express.

Pot roast loin of lamb with shallot, garlic and reform sauce


2 Loins of Lamb

4 Small potatoes

4 Shallots

4 Cloves of garlic

4 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Sprig of thyme

Root vegetables for trivet (Carrots, celery, onion)

Oil and for cooking


100 ml Meat Glaze

100 ml Port

6 Mushrooms

20g Julienne beetroot

20g Julienne pickled tongue

1 Egg white poached and cut in julienne

20g Julienne Truffle


Seal the loin of lamb in a hot pan, season and place on a bed of roots and herbs, coat generously with butter or oil, cover with a lid and cook in oven.

Turn the potatoes and peel shallots

Place shallot, garlic and potatoes into dish with lamb add tomato after 30 minutes

Cook 15 mins per 500g and 15 minutes over

Place sprig of thyme into fat fryer for 10 seconds remove and place on kitchen paper

Allow meat to rest after cooking for ten minutes

To finish sauce reduce the port to one third and add meat glaze and correct consistency. Whisk in some cold diced butter if desired (Monte au beurre) add all of garnish

Pour one portion of sauce onto each plate and place chateau potato, shallot, garlic and tomato around outside of plate and place sprig of thyme into potato

Carve Lamb neatly and place in centre of plate, fig 1

Braised shoulder of Lamb Hot Pot served with a side of creamed Leeks


1 Shoulder of Lamb (approx. 1 kg) Trimmed and cut in chunks

1 Onion peeled and diced

2 Celery sticks trimmed and diced

2 Carrots peeled and diced

1 Leek trimmed and diced

1 Bulb garlic chopped

1 Bouquet garni

1 Tbsp. tomato puree

1 750 ml bottle white wine

600 ml Chicken stock

600ml Veal stock

20 White peppercorns

Sea salt and mill pepper

Olive oil and clarified butter

Potatoes for topping (3 large)


Season the Lamb chunks and seal in a hot pan until, remove from pan and place on a tray.

Add a little more oil to the pan and sauté the carrot, celery, onion, leek and garlic

Add the tomato puree and cook for two minutes

Add wine to de-glaze the pan

Add stock, bouquet garni and some peppercorns

Bring to the boil and skim

Return lamb to pot and simmer for 2-2.5 hours, allow to cool in the liquor

Boil the potatoes in water and peel and slice when hot, place on a tray to cool

Drain lamb and reduce liquor to correct the consistency

Divide the lamb into four dishes and neatly arrange the potatoes on top

Brush with melted butter and Place in hot oven to heat and brown potatoes

Serve as in picture




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