Dreaming of bedroom bliss



If there’s one place in the home that should be a peaceful retreat, where it’s almost impossible not to instantly rest and relax, it’s the bedroom. We’ve asked the famous and celebrated to reveal their secrets for a beautiful bedroom. Rachel Ashwell

She’s the designer whose name is synonymous with the trend for ‘shabby chic’, an unpretentious laid-back living style she helped bring into vogue 20 years ago. Ashwell favours a country look for a bedroom based around easy-on-the-eye soft, primitive colours.

“I love faded florals, with vintage scatter cushions on the bed for summer days, and like to conjure an eclectic, romantic, inviting and soft atmosphere,” she says. “Traditional furniture, either in light or bleached wood or in distressed finishes in whites or greys, won’t dominate and will impart a tranquil feel.”

Chrissie Rucker

The founder of the hugely successful The White Company believes the bedroom should be a sensual sanctuary where comfort reigns. “The starting point for great quality bed linen is that it must be made from the best quality yarn. Once you’ve slept in fabulously smooth and luxurious, pure cotton - whatever the thread count - you’ll never look back,” she says.

Her tip: In spring and summer a bedroom should be a cool, airy sanctuary with soothing scents. “A softly scented bedroom is bliss. Lavender-based scents or light, floral-based scents such as rose or peony always work well,” she suggests.

Kirstie Allsopp

“I love beautiful bed linen - there’s nothing like climbing into crisp, clean sheets at the end of a long, tiring day,” enthuses Allsopp. “When decorating a bedroom I like a theme based around one thing that I can’t live without, which might be favourite bed linen, or curtain fabric, or an accessory, and I build the scheme from there.”

“Currently, I’m embracing colour for my bedding with lots of florals, stripes and ginghams which have a vintage look with a contemporary twist, and can be matched with co-ordinating cushions, throws and feminine lampshades. Bedtime bliss!”

Her tip: Instead of redecorating, rearrange furniture and buy bedroom treats such as towels, sheets, cushions or lamp shades to transform a room for little cost.

Kylie Minogue

The singing star has her own collection of bed linen and says: “Bed should be a place for just two things - love and sleep.” She explains: “I’ve actually become a better sleeper than I used to be by doing the things you should do in bed rather than the things you shouldn’t, such as being on my laptop or watching TV.

“I love making beds with fresh linen - either from my At Home range or vintage - but I hate hospital corners. I like to be able to pull things around me.”

Her tip: Make a bedroom a place of refuge with lovely linen, throws and cushions. Banish TVs, computers, iPads and mobile phones, and run a hot bath with oil and scented candles to relax you before you turn in.




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