Don’t try this at home!

The Superman bike jump

The Superman bike jump

Extreme Exciting Entertainment is exactly what The Extreme Stunt Show is all about, 2012 sees the continuation of the amazing Evolution Tour that will by flying all over Ireland at breakneck speed.

From our garage of gigantic monstrosities we are pleased to showcase two of our favorite monsters – Extreme and Lil’ Devil. After returning from Channel Four’s Famous and Fearless Arena in need of some TLC, these mega monsters have undergone an Extreme makeover and they are ready for some serious action. Powering around the arena with wreckless abandonment, you can’t help but admire the driver’s skills in maneuvering a 2000 plus horse power methanol supercharged monstrous machine.

The Extreme Motocross Freestyle Team will be flying through the air displaying death defying tricks. You will be left speechless as our very own tricksters attempt all manner of stunts from a kamikaze to a superman. From big ramp jumps to mid air madness, this is one team you don’t want to miss.

Resident stuntman and commentator Jumpin’ Jez will keep you informed as well as entertained. PRO BMX Trials and Mountain Bike Rider, Jez Avery will perform various bike stunts throughout the show. The Joker in the pack – Jumpin’ Jez is a favorite with audiences all over the world. With several Guinness World Records to his name, Jumpin’ Jez will keep you in a heightened state of amazement throughout the entire show.

But if you think stunt shows are just for boys, you’d be mistaken, take a look at Abby Baker – She just loves a challenge. And what better way to test the boundaries than by joining the Extreme Stunt Show for their 2011 Evolution Tour.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty face and slight frame, this girl’s gotta lot to offer and boy does she give it her all. A born thrill seeker, if there’s an adrenalin rush to be had Abby’s there. Our very own stunt girl performs her own car crashes, rollovers and T-bones. She will blow your mind with her death-defying crashes, even the men in the team take a backseat whilst Abby does her thing.

A true professional, Abby prepares all her own cars and stunts - dominating the arena with enthusiasm and charm. Abby is an inspiration to the fairer sex, proving girls can do it just as well, if not better, than the boys.

Our resident “Extreme BMX Freestyle Team has followers from around the globe. The stunts these guys pull off are to put it mildly, unthinkable, unbelievable….. Impossible…seeing is believing and believe me even when you’ve seen it you won’t believe it…Extreme indeed - with a capital E!

You’ll be riveted to the spot as our Extreme Stunt Team captivates you with their Extreme behavior. You will not want to miss a moment of the madness as our trained professionals crash cars, set each other alight and demonstrate two wheel-driving as only seen at the movies.

We dare you to miss the Evolution Experience! But DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.




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