20% don’t restrain their pet while driving

AA Motor Insurance is urging pet owners to ensure that their pets are safely restrained if travelling with them in the car following the results of their recent poll of close to 5,000 pet owners which shows that 20% don’t take any measures whatsoever to restrain their pets while driving.

However, of the balance of pet owners surveyed by AA Motor Insurance, 27% said they use a pet harness, 26% said they put them in a portable carrier, 11% say they place them in the boot, 9% said they get a passenger to hold the animal, while 5% indicated they employ some other method.

“There are several concerns when it comes to travelling with your pet unrestrained in the car.” Says John Farrell, Director of Insurance, AA Ireland. “There is of course the potential of driver distraction and there’s also the safety of you, your passengers and your pet in the event of a collision. Even when travelling at just 50kmph in the event of a crash a dog can be thrown about inside the vehicle with a force 30 to 60 times their own body weight making them a potentially lethal projectile.”




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