Three ways to help increase the chances of recruiters finding you

THE traditional way of searching for a job can be very reactive. It’s time now to be proactive. Traditional methods meant that you saw a job in a local paper or job board, sent a CV and waited to hear feedback. Wouldn’t it be great if recruiters came to you instead?

By building up your own personal brand through producing your own material, thoughts and ideas on a social media platform you can increase your chances of recruiters coming to you.

1. Start a blog

A blog is a non-intrusive way of getting your personal brand out there. Whether you specialise in marketing, website development or engineering, write about it.

You don’t have to be a literary genius to write a blog, but it will get you noticed and gradually people will start to be interested in your brand and what you specialise in. Before you know it, recruiters will make contact with you about opportunities. You can start a blog my going to

2. Be pro-active on Twitter


Twitter has become the ultimate utility to connect directly with recruiters and employees at companies you want to work for.

By conducting searches and following recruiters on your account you will start to learn about them and opportunities in your sector. Before you follow anyone on twitter you need to have completed your own profile, including a short biog and a link to a site that recruiters can go to for more information, ie, a linkedin profile.

Start to tweet interesting information about yourself. People have been approached with job opportunities because they tweeted “looking for a new job”. Start a twitter account now and build up a group of followers and follow interesting people and companies.

You will start to learn more about the people in your industry and make yourself known to recruiters.

3. Capitalise on Linkedin


Recruiters are now starting to use linkedin for sourcing candidates. Every working professional should have a linkedin profile with a full resume and ideally a recommendation. The more people and groups you are connected with, the more chance your profile will be seen.

You should also interact with discussion groups to get noticed and increase your connections. Conduct job searches on linkedin and reach out to contacts that give you a referral or introduction.

Start today by following Corvus Recruitment on twitter, linkedin and facebook. Good luck with your job search!




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