Irish farmers in high demand in Canada and Australia, leading migration agents say that some of the workers in Offaly 3,400 farms may be interested to learn that their talents are being called upon in Canada to fill employment opportunites throughout the country. The visa specialists say that many Canadian provinces are even willing to give Permanent residency to farmers who are willing to buy land or buy into an existing farming business and set up shop in Canada. A Western Canadian delegation visited ireland at the beginning of the month on a recruitment drive, looking for an Irish workforce to fill thousands of vacancies in welding, carpentry, plumbing, plant machinery drivers, diesel mechanics, and many more. say that the demand is now so great for certain skills that Canada is competing with Australia for an Irish workforce.

Edwina Shanahan, migration expert with commented, “I would estimate that 6000 Canadian work permits will be granted to Irish skilled professionals this year matching the Australian demand for Irish skilled workforce. Currently, we are seeing a run on Irish workers as Australian and Canadian employers compete for the Irish skilled workforce. This news will be of interest to many people in Offaly – whether they are farmers truck mechanics, logistics professionals or any of the other trades that are listed as being high demand in Canada at present”.

However say that the cap has been reached for 11 occupations to be considered for skilled migration visa applications this year in Canada, they include Restaurant and Food Service Managers, Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management, Biologists and Related Scientists, Architects, specialist Physicians, General Practitioners and Family Physician, Dentists, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Social Workers.

Edwina continued, “While the cap does not apply to those with a job offer, there are only a limited number of places still available for carpenters, electricians, chefs, cooks, Insurance claim examiners, crane operators, plumbers, welders, and mechanics if they want to apply for a permanent resident visa without having the hassle of trying to get a pre-arranged job offer. So for those who are eligible we would advise they get their application in now”.

In terms of location the experts say it’s not only Saskatchewan that is looking for workers, Alberta has also notified that they are seeking workers of all occupations including truck mechanics, logistics professionals, HV electricians and power line workers and engineers.

Edwina went on to say, “We have been informed of excellent pay and earnings in the mining sector, oil and gas. A lot of tradesmen are working on site for 2 weeks at a time and really putting some money away”.

According to Edwina, “We are about to embark on another free information roadshow to inform people looking to emigrate and secure work of their entitelments and requirements for entry etc. Our roadshow is hitting the country throughout the month of March. For anyone interested in attending they can log onto to find out the nearest event to them”.

Visa Requirements for Irish in Canada say that to work in Canada you need a permit. The working holiday permit is valid for a year. If you have dependants and want to work in a permanent full time role you can apply for a work permit, however, you need a job offer to apply for this visa. Work permits take approximately 2months to organise. Permanent migration visas are available to most trades without job offers.

Edwina commented, “One of the primary benefits of getting a job from an employer pre-departure is that once you are engaged in skilled work for 1 year in Canada then you can look at permanent resident options for you and your family”.




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