Burnt remains of horse dumped in Garryhinch Bog

editorial image

editorial image

THE burnt remains of a horse was the horrific discovery made in a drain in Garryhinch Bog near Portarlington.

The animal was discarded amongst household rubbish and builders waste material discovered in recent days at the site

The site is under observation on a regular basis by litter wardens however to date no one has been caught in the act of illegal dumping. It is understood that the majority of the dumping is being carried out under cover of darkness.

Unlike many other areas prone to fly tipping, no CCTV is currently in operation where the dumping is taking place. The area is in close proximity to the proposed Garryhinch ECO Water Park..

Local Councillor Eddie Fitzpatrick described the practice as ‘unacceptable’ adding that he has been in close contact with the Environment Section of the Council.

He believes a CCTV system needs to be installed noting also that there is a proposal to install a barrier on the road which could be closed and locked at night time to further ensure that this type of activity will cease in this area.

“It’s very unfair to see this dumping taking place by a small majority of people when others have to pay to have there rubbish collected,” commented Cllr Fitzpatrick.




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