Anthony And Annie Quinn : Memorial

Quinn (3rd and 27th Anniversary) In loving memory of our dear parents Anthony and Annie late of Nahanna Rathangan and whose anniversary occurs around this time. In life you were so special, In death it is still the same, You know how much we loved you both, And time will never change A million prayers won't bring you back, We know because we've tried Neither will a million tears we know because we've cried, We think about you often, We talk about you still, You have never been forgotten, And you never will. As we hold you close in memory Even though we are apart, May your spirit live forever, Here upon our Hearts. Sadly missed by you loving Family, Johnjoe, Mary, Brigid, Angela, Teresa Dolores, Ann, Anthony, Bernie Granny and Grandad In gods care you rest above, In our hearts you rest with love, Never more than a thought away. Love and remembered everyday. Always missed by your loving grandchildren and great grandchildren Anniversary Mass 30th June at 6.30

Anthony And Annie Quinn Anthony And Annie Quinn

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