15 year old to return to school

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A fifteen year old boy has returned home from abroad and bought a uniform to go to school.

At the end of March, Judge John Coughlan gave the mother of the teenager an ultimatum to have him back in Ireland within a week to appear before the court.

He said it was outlandish that the boy wasn’t in school and an absolute disgrace that the principal and class teacher were absent from court, as they are key people to engage with the boy. Last week Judge Catherine Staines heard he will be back in school after the Easter holidays.

The court has heard no detail of how much school he has missed, but solicitor Donal Farrelly said his mother found him difficult to control.

Sending him to stay with his older brother for a while was considered a break for the boy and an opportunity to get his head around his life, Mr Farrelly said.

Solicitor Patricia Cronin, taking the case on behalf of the National Edcuation Welfare Board requested that the case be adjourned to later this month, to see that the boy starts school.

The Board is prosecuting the woman, who is not being named to protect her son’s identity and who, if found guilty of failing to send her son to school, can be jailed for up to a month.




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